AQUATINT - enamelled paint with certificate

Enamelled paint is available in either a shiney or satin finish. AQUATINT is a certified product (number 109889) that can be used for both internal and external surfaces and which is extremely easy to apply, adhering well to the surface. It doesn't turn yellow or leave unpleasant odours and is non toxic. It doesn't give off poisonous or irritating substances, and is pleasantly scented.


Where can it be used
On all internal and external surfaces, iron, wood, sheet zinc, plastic, pvc, cast iron and aluminium radiators.

Technical information:
Amount required: - 11 square metres / 1 lit. 0.750 lit. = 8- 9 square metres
Dilution: with water 5-10%
Equipment needed: - paintbrush, smooth roller, spray (the equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use)
Size container available: - 14 lit. 2,5 lit. 0,750 lit.
Colours: Folder Colours Smalti (405 kb) and 940 Folder Colours Collezione 3001 (85 kb)




Preparing surface to be treated and applying the product
Phase A Putty the uneven areas and sandpaper down.
Phase B Apply 1 or 2 coats of AQUATINT, waiting at least 5 hours between coats.
Phase A
Sandpaper down the flaking parts and apply one coat of PEMARITE to the required area.
Phase B Apply 2 coats of AQUATINT, waiting at least 5 hours between coats.
Phase A Remove all traces of oil and grease with a solvent.
Phase B Apply 2 coats of AQUATINT.
Phase A
Sandpaper down to improve the adherence of the successive coats, or to eliminate the flaking pieces. If there are any signs of rust apply RUGGINE THE END or a coat of PROTECTION 1010.
Phase B Apply 2 coats of AQUATINT.
NB. Before applying the paint, sandpaper down to the base coat to ensure the best possible end result.


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